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Welcome to Keg-Party.Net!
  Virtually EVERY college student has been to at least one keg party! To many, the keg represents a college mascot; an icon of freedom to be "tapped" on like a shoulder! To a few, keg parties are dark secrets--worthy of producing scorn but capable of inducing at least a few giggles! Still, it seems every college student winds up coming into some kind of contact with keg parties at some point in their academic career! And for that reason, THIS site has been created to shed light on many of the issues surrounding these ever-popular beer guzzling bashes! And if you're under your state or regions' local drinking age, hopefully THIS URL represents the closest you'll come to a keg party this semester! 

What this website features:
  If you're going to a keg party, it's best to be well-prepared. This site offers ideas on where to get the best equipment, how to drink safely, and even describes some of the most popular drinking games played at keg parties! Use the "drinking tips" section for general information on drinking safely... Visit the "drunk?" section to try to clear up that double vision haze...and check out our "hangover" page for unprofessional advice on how to keep yourself from vomiting all morning! Finally, our "college resources" area provides links to some of our other great college sites and the "dating board" is a great way to exchange electronic messages with other party-going college students around the world!

What this website does NOT feature:
  This site's focus is NOT on how to become a drunk who skips school and spends most mornings praying to the porcelain goddess! To the contrary, our interest is in taking the "beer-drinking, party-going, class-flunking college students of the world" who are insistent upon attending keg parties and providing them with general advice and tips on how to drink safely and with their heads! Still, NONE of the ideas presented here at Keg-Party.Net should be regarded as anything more than humorous, unprofessional advice. No one under their locality's legal drinking age should EVER consume alcoholic beverages and no one should ever drink alcohol without consulting a physician first! Those that are going to attend keg parties regardless of anyone's advice may benefit from some of the reminders posted on this site! But the only sure way to keep your self in good health is.... not to drink!


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