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 Our Keg Party dating board system is down for maintenance right now! Check out the rest of our site [buuurp!] and read all about keg parties and how to live through them! We want to hear YOUR keg party stories, tales, tidbits, and advice-- Email us your thoughts and we just might post them here! Keg-Party.Net offers fun, humor, and unprofessional advice to college students over the legal drinking age who attend or who would like to attend keg parties on or off campus. Use our "drinking tips" feature to read about the issue in general or review our "drunk" section for sincere warnings about the dangers associated with even keeping car keys in your pocket while drinking alcohol! The "hangover" forum will enlighten you about avoiding and dealing with next-morning puke and "college resources" provides plenty of great links to other college sites! Finally, if you own a website and would like to reach the college student market, quickly, easily, and with a little bit of extra "flair," just use the "advertise with us" link down below to find out how YOUR banner ads can be circulated around our entire student network!  Party on!  

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