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Keg Party - Lose Your Car Keys First!

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   When it comes to being drunk, most of the best advice you'll receive pertains to what not to do rather than what TO do! At the risk of sounding cliché, we urge you not to even attempt to drive ANYWHERE..not even in a parking lot!  Unfortunately, for a few morons this warning is much easier given than it is heeded. Statistically, nearly 50% of all fatal driving accidents have a drunk driver involved! Nearly half of all driving deaths are caused by alcohol. But the problem so many college students have is that no one ever feels as immortal as they do when they're in their 20s. So when the moment of truth comes...driving doesn't seem to be a challenge at all! It is reasonable to assume that none of the thousands of youths who die in drunk driving crashes each year.. get behind the wheel thinking there's actually a chance they might crash. To the contrary, many of them don't "feel" drunk at all and most even believe they're in total control. The bottom line: if you have been drinking,... you are NOT in control. Don't trust an inebriated version of yourself with your own life and the lives of others on the road. Give your keys to someone else (or leave them at home) before you start drinking. Can you think of ANY reason you really need to hold on to your car keys at a keg party? (other than if you're the designated driver, of course!) There simply exists no valid cause for ANYONE to have car keys in their pocket while drinking... You simply have NO WAY of knowing what will happen if you get behind the wheel... It doesn't take double vision and puking to know that you're drunk. And it doesn't take having a ride home to help you prevent yourself from driving: You might even find yourself leaving the party with some friends just to pick up some more beer or chips from a local store---without even realizing what you're doing....driving drunk!  Even if you don't wind up dead or injured, there's a GREAT chance, you'll get pulled over (even at one of those annoying "roadside checks")... The penalties for drunk driving are socially excruciating EVERYWHERE and always include a loss of driving privileges. If you've driven drunk before and gotten away with it.... you're even more at risk.. The odds... the law of averages... are now working against you more than ever... you're playing Russian Roulette and are bound to catch a bullet sooner or later. The designers of this website urge you to plan in advance...and get those car keys out of your pocket before you start drinking. There's no reason the have them AT ALL...














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