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Avoiding a hangover
  It goes without saying: the obvious way to avoid a hangover is not to drink at all! But if you've made up you're mind that you're going to be tapping the keg tonight... a few simple ideas can help you avoid that disgusting feeling bound to come the next morning: Don't be a chemist!  What many people don't realize is that most hangovers are the result of different types of alcohol being mixed together... Try to stick to only ONE kind of liquor at the party. You wouldn't mix different kinds of non-alcoholic beverages all night long without expecting to get sick to your stomach, right? Think about it!...You wouldn't drink a glass of orange juice then guzzle a carton of chocolate milk and top it off with some cherry soda and a strawberry shake!!! The sick feeling you can imagine getting from mixing those unlikely drinks is similar to what happens the morning after you spend a whole night guzzling bear, wine, vodka, and a zillion other concoctions! Pick ONE drink and stick with it! 

Dealing with a hangover
 Very often, a college student's first post-keg party hangover is enough to make them pledge that there will never be a second keg
ugh party! Some argue that coffee and cold showers wipe away the dreaded feeling of a hangover. Realistically, however, there exists no medical evidence to prove this. All that caffeine and water really wipe away is the hangover victim's feeling of sleepiness! It is recommend that you spend that dreaded day resting on a couch, eating healthy (and in moderation), and staying AWAY from any more alcohol! If the symptoms of your hangover do not disappear by the next evening, consider consulting a physician. Since hangovers inherently lead to a day of "nothingness," try to limit your drunkenness only to nights that precede a day without classes. Otherwise, you may go on to become one of those "beer-drinking, party-going, class-flunking college students" this site seeks to improve!...


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