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  A keg is more than a large barrel in which to hold beer; it serves as the medium to a unique drinking experience. "Tapping" a keg means precisely what the phrase suggests: Stand up and have someone place the keg's funnel (the "tap") into your mouth... tilt your head back gently...and begin chugging beer. But whatever you do... don't be as eager as the guy in the upper left-hand corner of this website! Drink with your head... but keep your mind on being able to continue partying! Come up for air and share the keg with everyone else. Remember: greedy keg chuggers piss off fellow keg-aholics and nobody wants to be the center of scorn at a keg party!  

  Keg "games" are a must at any party! But calling them "games" is a bit of a misnomer, however,--as no skill nor any luck is really required! The infamous "chug! chug ! chug!" chant is considered to be a game only played by the extremely wasted. "Kill the keg" is a far more uh, challenging game during which everyone at the party runs to the keg and doesn't stop drinking...grabbing..and slurping at it-- until it's done, emptied, drained, dry, and "KILLED." How does the game start? Somebody yells "KIIIIILLLL THEEEEE KEEEEGGG!"-- of course!... As soon as you hear the call, start running towards the keg!

   When attending a keg party it is important to remember two things: 1.) you MUST be over your state/country's legal drinking age to tap the keg. NO keg is worth court fines, loss of your driver's license or even possible jail time!.. 2.) Getting wasted may be fun but not if you're going to ruin your health or become unable to chill at the next party! There is no doubt that excessive, repeated drinking CAN ruin your health and cause lots of other problems. We advise everyone to party, but we're telling you to party smart so you can party again...and again.. in the future!  We recommend that every student check out the Internet's official student's guide to drinking which contains facts and information re: alcohol and health by clicking here!


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